Yacht Rock Sundowners



The sophisticated, melodic soft rock songs of the 1970’s and early 1980’s have come to be known in music circles as “Yacht Rock.” Over the years these Insightful lyrics, tight harmonies and irresistible grooves have worked their way into the fabric of our very souls. As the modern world goes crazy, Allengang Entertainment is happy to bring back a mellower time with “The Sundowners Yacht Rock Rewind.” In this upbeat, light-hearted show, a great live band will take you on a journey that winds through the greatest songs of the era.

You’ll sing along to hits from stars like Steely Dan, The Little River Band, Christopher Cross, The Doobie Brothers, Gerry Rafferty, and England Dan / John Ford Coley. This show will soothe your soul and help you remember why all the best music was written before feathered hair went out of style.