Queens of Florida

A Female Impersonator Broadway Cabaret Our Broadway caliber show will delight and astound everyone from ages 8 to 80. Critically acclaimed as the only family-friendly drag show in America, this Broadway style production will have you on your feet and cheering for more. Our queens and show cast will take you through the best of Broadway – past and present. Elaborately staged and beautifully-costumed production numbers will transport you from the roof tops of London to the streets of 1950's Baltimore. Our cast of over a dozen singers, dancers, and female impersonators are sure make you feel like you have taken a bite out of The Big Apple. Phenomenal live vocalists will bring you extraordinary renditions from Broadway musicals such as Dreamgirls, The Book of Mormon, and The Addams Family. Spectacular productions include everything from Aladdin, The Phantom of the Opera, and even a Bollywood extravaganza. Our incredibly talented cast of singers and dancers have cut their teeth performing in commercials and kicking up their heels at local theme parks and theatres all around central Florida. Their high-energy dancing and powerful vocals take this Broadway-caliber show to a whole new level and make this production anything but a typical "drag" show.

PHILIP CAIN, better known as The Minx, made his start performing at the ripe old age of 4. Raised just outside of Chicago in Rockford, Illinois, Phillip’s church background prepared him for the discipline and vocal abilities he would later use for his extensive theatre work. He studied dance and was the only male on a female dance team in college. Frustrated with not getting to play the roles he wanted in college, he decided to try his hand at female impersonation. He has since sung and danced his way across the United States and Europe. Ten years later, The Minx has become a nationally acclaimed persona in the art form. He and his partner Jimmi Rossi have produced and choreographed over 100 productions numbers. Phillip is also a trained puppeteer and one of the creators and artistic directors for Wicked Designers, a local production company producing works throughout the U.S. and abroad.

NICKY MONET is originally from New York. Performing since eight years of age, she appeared on many television shows as a child actor: Slime Time, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Kid Zone Kids. She was also a backup dancer for boy bands ‘N Sync and City High. Nicky is a professional makeup artist and has her own YouTube channel where she demonstrates makeup tutorials. Nicky began doing female illusion in 2007. Since then she has won sixteen state and regional titles, and won her first national title in 2015. Nicky speaks at colleges about transgender rights and the community.

ANGEL SHERIDAN started his performance career at the age of four singing in musical revues. He tapped his way through his teens and was accepted to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (RADA). After returning home to the United States, he became an actor in residence at the Tennessee Williams Center for the Performing Arts. He then went on a cross-country tour for several years with the premier celebrity impersonation show "An Evening at La Cage," which culminated by opening in New York City. After the run, Angel remained in New York and continued to perform, touring throughout Europe eight times with American musicals. He was then approached by a new night club Escuelita, and became the show director of the Escuelita Follies for twenty years. Angel is now living in Florida where he is activity director for an assisted-living, nursing, and rehabilitation center.