Americans are enamored with celebrities. People of all ages from pre-teens to baby boomers view celebrities with awe and admiration. A celebrity impersonator is an artist who copies or imitates a world-famous celebrity such as a musician, movie star, politician, athlete, comedian, or royalty. Many talented individuals have devoted their performing career to “becoming” someone else. .Las Vegas is world-famous for its many tribute shows and plethora of celebrity look-alikes. Celebrity impersonators are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as stage performing artists and are considered the next best thing when the “real” star is unavailable. It is speculated that there are nearly 30,000 Elvis impersonators around the world, with as many as 500 in Las Vegas alone! Not only do American’s adore celebrity impersonators, but they also have an affinity for watching TV talent competitions. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Got Talent, to name a few, are current immensely popular reality competition shows. It makes sense for Celebrity Impersonators to be the next reality show sensation.


A 13 week/episode, National search “Reality” television series offered in 1-hour segments that will result in one celebrity impersonator (the winner) being named the “ultimate celebrity Impersonator”, winning top billing on the Celebrity Impersonators Show tour and a cash prize.


Celebrity Impersonators will stage and video tape for television airing the most talented celebrity impersonators. In conjunction with an entertainment agency, the search for “finalists” contestants will be conducted, documented on videotape and edited into a 1-hour weekly program for airing. Each episode will feature a different group of celebrity impersonators. Areas of judging will include, but not be limited to: authenticity of impersonation, costuming, vocal ability (if applicable), on-camera appearance, and personality. The 12 weekly finalists will compete for the title of “ultimate celebrity Impersonator”. For information about Celebrity Impersonators, contact:

Stan Allen
Executive Producer/Creator
Patrick J. Schafer