British Inviasion Beatles Tribute

British Invasion

After performing at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center for 14 record-breaking years, The British Invasion has completed the longest continuously running Beatle show on record. The British Invasion features four talented musicians who re-create the look, style, and sound of the most famous rock and roll band in the world: The Beatles. The British Invasion creates a totally self-contained theatrical experience that takes you on a musical and visual trip back to the 60's. Each classic hit song is performed with vintage instruments that authentically capture the sound that changed popular music forever. British Invasion is comprised of world class musicians who are veterans of the cast of Beatlemania, Legends in Concert and Disney's "British Invasion Band" at EPCOT. They have performed in major theatrical venues such as The Arie Crown Theater (Chicago), The Patriot Center (Washington, D.C.), and the Delta Center (Salt Lake City, Utah).

Audiences will sing and clap along with songs like "She Loves You", "Help", "Hard Day's Night", and "Twist and Shout".

Let us show you what millions of guests have already discovered. Enjoy the sights, the sounds and the magic of the greatest group of all time!